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Maximize your compensation while providing the best possible benefits for your client can be a time consuming activity. With WebGuides™ it is a simple click of a button!

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All the detailed product information you need can now be found in one place. Easily review riders, benefits, interest rates, bonuses, and many more product specific details. Have everything right at your finger tips - instantly.

Other BONUS features of WebGuides™?

  • INSTANT Term Quotes
  • State Approvals
  • Interest Rates
  • New Business Forms
  • Request Illustrations
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I have been using WebGuides™ for 6 months now and I spend less time calling home offices and marketing companies looking for specific product information I need. WebGuides™ has also helped me earn more commission on my term business. I recently ran a term quote across multiple carriers and noticed that the premiums were virtually the same but was very surprised to see that some carriers paid 5 to 10% more commission than what I was used to selling.


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